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Norma Cowie is a metaphysical, psychic life consultant, teacher and author. She teaches people about their energy fields, opens up their psychic systems and aligns their chakra systems.

Norma has studied most aspects of metaphysics, and she is a true teacher of personal transformation. She brings light to the world. She understands how light and love work, and is a respected teacher and counsellor.

This video explains some of Norma's journey.

Knowing I am at one with all there is I acknowledge and accept that I am at one. I allow myself to be at one with all there is. I allow myself to be honest, to respect myself, and to forgive myself for anything and everything where I felt I had let myself and others down. I am one with the universe and I accept the outcome of my endeavors and I accept I am loved for me, no matter what I have done and will do. I am one and therefore loved for me. I release this knowing, it is true for me. I am one with it all and therefore accepted. And So It Is - Amen





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